Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, first published in 1869, is the oldest journal devoted to the past of the historic county of Yorkshire. This annual journal publishes scholarly reports of recent discoveries and research, reinterpretations and syntheses of knowledge, edited source material, and reviews relating to any aspect of the archaeology and history of Yorkshire in any period.

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Latest articles

Volume 87 (1)

Palaeolithic and Mesolithic South Yorkshire: Not Simply Dots on a Map
Alexandra Grassam, vol. 87 (1): 3-10
The Excavation of Barrow III, Irton Moor, North Yorkshire
D. D. A. Simpson, vol. 87 (1): 11-36
Archaeological Investigations at Priory Close, Northallerton, North Yorkshire
M. J. Randerson, vol. 87 (1): 37-64
Cistercian Sculpture: Kirkstall Abbey and Elland Church in the Twelfth Century
Rita Wood, vol. 87 (1): 65-100
Weedley not Whitley: Repositioning a Preceptory of the Knights Templar in Yorkshire
John S. Lee, vol. 87 (1): 101-123
A ‘Somewhat Eccentric Preacher’; the Reverend Richard Hale of Harewood
Karen Lynch, vol. 87 (1): 124-144
Skipton-in-Craven: The Genesis of the Modern Town, 1865–1914
Kenneth C. Jackson, vol. 87 (1): 145-169
Housing the Elderly Poor: From Philanthropist to Local Authority
Helen Caffrey, vol. 87 (1): 170-192
New Evidence for the Vicus at Malton Roman Fort, North Yorkshire
Matthew Oakey, vol. 87 (1): 193-197
Recording and Communicating Yorkshire’s Industrial Heritage
John Suter, vol. 87 (1): 198-199
Dr L. A. S. Butler (1934–2014)
vol. 87 (1): 200-201
Dorothy Payne (1926–2014)
vol. 87 (1): 202-203
May Foster Pickles (1922–2013)
vol. 87 (1): 204-205
vol. 87 (1): 206-219
Short Notices
vol. 87 (1): 220-222

Volume 86 (1)

Earlier Prehistoric Activity and a Later Iron Age and Roman Field System at Beacon Lagoons, Kilnsea, East Riding of Yorkshire
Jane Richardson, vol. 86 (1): 3-32
A Late Iron Age and Romano-British Site at Gale Common, North Yorkshire
M. J. Randerson, vol. 86 (1): 33-79
Excavation of a Late Seventh-Century Structure in Upper Ribblesdale
David S. Johnson, vol. 86 (1): 80-105
Viking-Age Lead Weights from Cottam
Dave Haldenby, vol. 86 (1): 106-123
Caville Manor and the Enterprise of the Twelfth-Century Bishops of Durham
David Crouch, vol. 86 (1): 124-137