History Libraries & Collections

At a time when libraries are working towards more collaborative forms of collection development and financial pressures increase, students and researchers need to be aware of collections which exist in a range of different libraries and how to obtain access to them.

This online guide is a successor to the printed ‘Guide to History Libraries and Collections in London’, edited by Ross Woollard and published by the University of London Research Library Services in association with the Committee of London Research Libraries in History, which was produced in print form until the 24th edition in 2009.

Providing a digital platform for the guide ensures library resources help underpin the aim of History Online to offer a comprehensive service for the history community in UK Higher Education and the profession more generally. It also means that the guide can continue to expand from its original purpose of providing information about the library resources of the federal University of London. Currently the focus is on libraries in London, both in the University and outside, but it is the intention to eventually make the database national in scope.

If you have amendments or suggestions, please contact Matthew Shaw, Librarian of the Institute of Historical Research, at matthew.shaw@london.ac.uk