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Latest books

A Dream of the Future
Cardon, Nathan (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780190274726 Hardback £47.99
Associative Political Culture in the Holy Roman Empire
Hardy, Duncan (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780198827252 Hardback £75
Christian Radicalism in the Church of England and the Invention of the British Sixties, 1957-1970
Brewitt-Taylor, Sam (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780198827009 Hardback £65
From Slaves to Prisoners of War
Smiley, Will (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780198785415 Hardback £65
German Catholicism at War, 1939-1945
Brodie, Thomas (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780198827023 Hardback £65
Growing up in Diverse Societies
Kalter, Frank; Jonsson, Jan O. (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780197266373 Hardback £85
Legal Strategies for the Development and Protection of Communal Property
Xu, Ting; Clarke, Alison (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780197266380 Hardback £70
Little Cold Warriors
Grieve, Victoria M (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780190675684 Hardback £47.99
Lying and Perjury in Medieval Practical Thought
Corran, Emily (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780198828884 Hardback £60
Middle Kingdom and Empire of the Rising Sun
Dreyer, June Teufel (2018) Oxford University Press, 9780190692209 Paperback £16.99