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Latest books

Conversion to Catholicism in Early Modern Italy
Mazur, Peter A. (2016) Routledge, 9781848936188 Hardback £95
Enlightenment and Political Fiction
Miller, Cecilia (2016) Routledge, 9781138954175 Hardback £90
European Dictatorships 1918-1945
Lee, Stephen J. (2016) Routledge, 9780415736145 Paperback £26.99
Explorations in History and Globalization
Karwan Fatah-Black, Catía Antunes (2016) Routledge, 9781138639607 Paperback £24.99
Exploring the Next Frontier
Kapell, Matthew Wilhelm (2016) Routledge, 9781138188570 Hardback £90
Global 1920s
Carr, Richard Carr; Hart, Bradley W. (2016) Routledge, 9781138774797 Paperback £24.99
Honourable Intentions?
Russell, Penny; Worden, Nigel (2016) Routledge, 9781138850385 Hardback £90
Ida B.Wells
DuRocher, Kristina (2016) Routledge, 9781138786882 Paperback £21.99
Immigration Policy from 1970 to the Present
Stevens, Rachel (2016) Routledge, 9781138187764 Hardback £90
Legacies of Violence in Contemporary Spain
Ferrán, Ofelia; Hilbink, Lisa (2016) Routledge, 9781138849952 Hardback £90