Theses completed (UK)

God, the universe and man in Islamic thought: the contribution of Shah Waliullah of Delhi (1703-62).
Aal, K. Abdel Hamid, Ph.D. (1971), London (Hardy, P.)
The influence of Hadith on the architecture of early congregational mosques.
Abdelrahman, Essam, Ph.D. (2010), Leeds (Kennedy, Hugh; Morris, Richard)
Development of manufacturing industries in Pakistan, 1947-80
Abdi, S.T.A., M.A. (1988), Keele
The urbanization of Kuwait since 1950: planning, progress and issues
Abdo, M.F., Ph.D. (1989), Durham
A history of chronology and calendars in Iran from ancient to modern times, with principles of date-conversion
Abdollahy, R., Ph.D. (1977), Durham
Rule behind the silk curtain: the Sultanahs of Aceh, 1641-99.
Abdul Latiff Khan, Sher Banu, Ph.D. (2009), London
The roots of Jordanian-Palestinian relations, 1921-51
Abdul-Hadi, M.M.F., Ph.D. (1984), Bradford
Al-Hudaybiyyah treaty: causes, justifications and implications, with particular reference to the Hadith literature.
Abdulghani, Eman, M.A. (1998), Leeds (Netton, Ian R.)
Iran's foreign policy from the inception of the Second World War to the Azarbaijan crisis
Abdullahzadeh, M., Ph.D. (1983), Edinburgh (Sabri-Tabrizi, G.R.; Latham, J.D.)
Abdul Aziz Al-Saud and the Great Game in Arabia, 1896-1946.
Abedin, Hassan S., Ph.D. (2003), London
Expression and control: a study of working-class leisure and gender, 1918-39 (a case study of Rochdale using oral history methods)
Abendstern, Michele, Ph.D. (1986), Essex (Davidoff, Leonore)
The creation and development of Trans-Jordan, 1920-9
Abu-Nowar, M.N., D.Phil. (1988), Oxford (Knapp, W.F.)
Commercial activities in Ayyubid and early Rasulid Yemen (569-694/1173-1295).
Abudahesh, A Abdulaziz, Ph.D. (2005), Manchester
The frontier of settlement in Transjordan during the 19th century
Abujaber. , R.S., D.Phil. (1987), Oxford (Hopwood, D.; Wilkinson, J.C.)
The politics of the Mihna under al-Ma'mun and his successors.
Abusaq, M.O., Ph.D. (1971), Edinburgh (Watt, W.M.; Erickson, J.)
The vernacular press and the emergence of modern Indonesian consciousness, 1855-1913
Adam. , A.B., Ph.D. (1984), London (McVey, Ruth T.)
Imagining Britain: heroism and the mediation of nationhood in the 18th century.
Adams, Matthew, Ph.D. (2002), Warwick (Jones, Colin; Steadman, Carolyn)
British diplomatic attitudes towards Japanese economic and political activities in Korea, South Manchuria, Kwantung and Shantung, 1904-22.
Adu, E.O., Ph.D. (1976), London (Sims, R.L.)
The Palestinian Arab political parties, 1934-9
Adwan, A.I., Ph.D. (1986), Salford
Great Britain and Iceland, 1800-20.
Agnarsdottir, Anna, Ph.D. (1989), London (McKay, D.)