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A regular revolution: co-operation, change and classicisation in the Moray landscape, 1760-1840.
Barrett, John R., Ph.D. (2013), Aberdeen
Commerce and constitutionalism: the English East India Company and political culture in Scotland and Ireland, 1681-1813.
Crerar, Anne, Ph.D. (2013), Aberdeen (MacKillop, Andrew; Brown, Michael)
The split of west Germanic from northwest Germanic through the analysis of the runic inscriptions in the Elder Futhark.
García Losquiño, Irene, Ph.D. (2013), Aberdeen (Brink, Stefan; Wills, Tarrin)
The state and the making of the white settler agriculture in Natal, c.1820-1990.
Lynas, Matthew, Ph.D. (2013), Aberdeen (Dilley, Andrew)
Running the rivers: the North West Company and the creation of a global enterprise, 1778-1821.
MacQuarrie, Aisling, Ph.D. (2013), Aberdeen (MacKillop, Andrew)
Illegitimacy in medieval Scotland, 1165-1500.
Marshall, Susan, Ph.D. (2013), Aberdeen (Macdonald, Alastair; Ehrenschwendtner, Marie-Luise)
James Connolly and the internationalism of the Scottish and Irish Labour movements, 1880-1916.
Ross, Chloe, Ph.D. (2013), Aberdeen (Brown, Michael)
Times of trouble and deliverance: worship in the Kirk of Scotland, 1646-58
Langley, Chris R., Ph.D. (2012), Aberdeen (Naphy, William G.; Hynes, Sandra)
Siena and its Contado: Art, iconography and patronage in the diocese of Grosseto, c.1380-c.1480
Cardarelli, Sandra, Ph.D. (2011), Aberdeen (Nichols, Tom)
Siena and its Contado: art, iconography and patronage in the diocese of Grosseto, 'c'.1380-'c'.1480.
Cardarelli, Sandra, Ph.D. (2011), Aberdeen (Nichols, Tom)
A history of Gaelic script, A.D. 1000-1200.
Duncan, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (2010), Aberdeen
Scottish echoes of the resurrection men.
Gorman, Martyn L., M.Litt. (2010), Aberdeen
Women and the British North Sea oil industry: an oral history
O'Byrne, Catherine, Ph.D. (2010), Aberdeen
Renewal in the church, social reconstruction and a community on Iona: the origins and development of George MacLeod's Christian social vision in 1930s Scotland.
Somerville, Anastasia, Ph.D. (2010), Aberdeen
Just jingoism or impetuous imperialism?' The British occupation of Egypt, the Great Powers and the conventions of 1885-8.
Elrick, Andrew, M.Litt. (2009), Aberdeen
The justification controversy at Westminster Theological Seminary: the years 1974-82.
Hewitson, Ian A., Ph.D. (2009), Aberdeen
Andrew Melville and humanism in the reign of James VI.
Holloway III, Ernest R., Ph.D. (2009), Aberdeen
The reception of the life and work of Mary Wollstonecraft in the early American Republic.
Smith, Abigail M., Ph.D. (2009), Aberdeen
The Marrow controversy and seceder tradition: Marrow theology in the Associate Presbytery and Associate Synod Secession churches of Scotland, 1733-99.
VanDoodewaard, William, Ph.D. (2009), Aberdeen
Efforts to devise a standard of taste from the Restoration to Pope.
Floyd, Daniel F., Ph.D. (2008), Aberdeen