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East German expellees in West Germany, 1945-2000.
Arwyn, Arddun H., Ph.D. (2014), Aberystwyth (Lambert, Peter A.; Rendle, Matt)
Les obediences et les obediencers en Angleterre aux xiiè-xvè siècles. (In French medium.)
Dewez, Harmony, Ph.D. (2014), Aberystwyth (Schofield, Phillipp; Feller, Laurent)
The great rebuilding thesis in a regional context.
Christian, Tanya C.L., M.Phil. (2013), Aberystwyth (Schofield, Phillipp; Jones, David Ceri)
British Intelligence, Counter-Subversion, and 'Informal Empire' in the Middle East, 1949-1963.
Hashimoto, Chikara, Ph.D. (2013), Aberystwyth (Scott, Len; Vaughan, James)
British intelligence, counter-subversion and ‘informal empire’ in the Middle East, 1949-63.
Hashimoto, Chikara, Ph.D. (2013), Aberystwyth (Scott, Len; Vaughan, James)
Bletchley Park: a history from below, 1939-45.
Smith, Chris, Ph.D. (2013), Aberystwyth (Nicholas, Siân H.; Rhys Morus, Iwan)
Roman Wales.
Deschênes, Gladys, M.Phil. (2012), Aberystwyth (Davies, Jeffrey L.; Stöber, Karen)
Affective devotion and the formation of a virtuous Christian disposition in later medieval English society, c.1350-c.1450.
Gunning, Janet M., Ph.D. (2012), Aberystwyth (Schofield, Phillipp; Watt, Dianne)
Investment in shipping: north Cardiganshire in the 19th century.
Rowlands, John B., M.Phil. (2012), Aberystwyth (Coopey, Richard C.; Moore-Colyer, Richard)
The economic and social structure of north Cardiganshire in 1891.
Williams, Peter G., M.Phil. (2012), Aberystwyth (Roberts, Owen; Price, Roger D.)
Cymry yn Eglwys yr Oesoedd Canol. ('In Welsh medium'.)
Emlyn, Rhun, Ph.D. (2011), Aberystwyth (Stöber, Karen; Schofield, Phillipp)
Lady Eve Balfour and the British organic food and farming movement.
Gill, Erin J., Ph.D. (2011), Aberystwyth (Nicholas, Siân H.; Coopey, Richard C.)
Y tad a'r mab a'r merched: crefydd, ieuenctid a diwylliant yn y Gymru gymraeg, 'c'.1958-'c'.1970. ('In Welsh medium'.)
Wigley, Llion A., Ph.D. (2011), Aberystwyth (Thompson, Steven; O'Leary, Paul B.)
Oral history's institutionalisation in British historiography: rise and crisis of a sub-discipline.
Collins, Owen R., Ph.D. (2010), Aberystwyth (Lambert, Peter A.; Rathbone, Richard)
Mutual impact: intellectual transfer in domestic policy between the Thatcher and Reagan administrations.
Cooper, Jim T., Ph.D. (2010), Aberystwyth (Rubinstein, William D.; Coopey, Richard C.)
The Joint Intelligence Bureau: economic, topographic and scientific intelligence for Britain's Cold War, 1946-64.
Dylan, Huw, Ph.D. (2010), Aberystwyth
Chwaraeon a Chymdeithas yng Ngogledd Orllewin Cymru, c.1860-1939. (In Welsh medium.)
Emrys, Meilyr, Ph.D. (2010), Aberystwyth (Roberts, Owen; O'Leary, Paul B.)
Wilson and the bomb: the politics and economics of british nuclear diplomacy.
Gill, David J., Ph.D. (2010), Aberystwyth
David Rees, gweinidog Annibynnol yn 19eg ganrif. (In Welsh medium.)
Glyn, Rhodri, Ph.D. (2010), Aberystwyth (O'Leary, Paul B.; White, Eryn M.)
The Communist party of Great Britain and the national question in Wales, 1920-91.
Jones, Douglas, Ph.D. (2010), Aberystwyth