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Don't fence us in! Perceptions of East Germanness among the 1970s generation in Berlin.
Hyland, Claire, Ph.D. (2012), Bath
Newcomers in organised crime: a case study of Rogoli's Sacra Corona Unita, 1979-99.
Kingston, Natasha, Ph.D. (2012), Bath
Eurocentric Endeavour or Empty Rhetoric? Analysing the EU's Promotion of Human Rights in China through a Normative Power Perspective: 1989-2009
Shen, Wenwen, Ph.D. (2012), Bath
Teacher policy in England: an historical study of responses to changing ideological and socio-economic contexts.
Jeong, Un Yong, Ph.D. (2009), Bath
An enquiry into the abolition of the Inner London Education Authority (1964-88), with particular reference to politics and policy-making.
Radford, Alan, Ph.D. (2009), Bath
Stimulus to invention: the premium system as a method of encouraging agricultural improvement, 1754-1870.
Lim, Helena L.H., Ph.D. (1998), Bath (Buchanan, R. Angus)
The development of popular scientific and technical education in Wiltshire, 1850-1914.
Sampey, Philip C., M.Phil. (1996), Bath
From Birmingham to Berlin: skill-transfer, replication and embedded technical knowledge in the development of microwave radar in Britain and Germany, 1939-45.
Travis, Stephen N., Ph.D. (1996), Bath (Gooding, David C.)
Sir Jerom Murch: case study of a unitarian liberal and his impact on the Bath community, 1833-95.
Kolaczkowski, Alexandra E., Ph.D. (1995), Bath (Brooke, David)
The development of sick children's nursing, 1919-39.
Arton, Michael E., M.Phil. (1993), Bath (Klein, R.E.)
A history of the world semiconductor industry.
Morris, P.R., M.Phil. (1988), Bath (Buchanan, R.A.)
The relationship between the film industry and television in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1950-85.
Blaney, M.J., Ph.D. (1987), Bath
A history of the gas industry in S.W. England before 1949
Nabb, H., Ph.D. (1987), Bath (Brooke, D.)
Women, equality and education in Singapore from the 19th century to the present day
Eng Lan, Wong, Ph.D. (1986), Bath
Public policy-making and private medical care in the United Kingdom since 1948
Horne, D.A., Ph.D. (1986), Bath
A weaver's life: Ethel Mairet, 1872-1952 (a study of Ethel Mairet and her workshops)
Coatts, Margot, M.Phil. (1985), Bath (Styles, J.A.)
The origin and development of the flotation process, 1860-1920: the inventive Elmore family and their legacy
Jenkins. , P.R., M.Phil. (1985), Bath (Buchanan, R.A.)
Developments in further education, 1944-82
Skelding, J., Ph.D. (1983), Bath
The development of steam ploughing techniques in Dorset
Beales, Karen, M.Sc. (1982), Bath (Buchanan, R.A.)
Image and reality in a Victorian city: a working-class area of Bath, 1830-1900
Davis. , G.P., Ph.D. (1982), Bath (Buchanan, R.A.)