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Elementary School Attendance in Bradford 1863-1903: A Study Using School Log Books
Jackson, John C., M.Phil (2015), Bradford (Jennings, Paul; Sheeran, George)
Britain and the atomic bomb: M.A.U.D. to Nagasaki.
Gorman, Claire, M.Phil. (2014), Bradford (Bátonyi, Gábor; Price, Munro)
The White International: anatomy of a transnational radical revisionist plot in Central Europe after World War I.
Alforde, Nicholas, Ph.D. (2013), Bradford (Bátonyi, Gábor; Hiden, John)
Bradford mills at Marki, Warsaw: a case study of British entrepreneurship in Russian Poland, 1883-1914.
Dietz, Sarah, Ph.D. (2013), Bradford (Bátonyi, Gábor; Gregory, James)
The rise of the Austrian Freedom Party (F.P.Ö.) under Jörg Haider and right-wing populism in Austria, 1986-2000: historical roots, political context and a cultural perspective.
Murphy, Anthony, M.Phil. (2013), Bradford (Housden, Martyn; Bátonyi, Gábor)
The urban morphology of Skipton-in-Craven, 1865-1914.
Jackson, Kenneth C., Ph.D. (2012), Bradford (Sheeran, George; Jennings, Paul)
Commercial leisure in Halifax, 1750-1950.
Smith, Paul F., M.Phil. (2011), Bradford (Jennings, Paul; Sheeran, George)
Questions of Roman and native: variation in personal ornamentation from the north of England.
Webb, T., Ph.D. (2010), Bradford
The Hungarian question in British foreign policy, 1848-67.
Kotroczó, D.M., Ph.D. (2006), Bradford
The Israeli settlements in Jerusalem, 1948-2002: a study of settlement pattern and processes and their impact on Palestinian society.
Al-Modallal, Waleed H., Ph.D. (2004), Bradford
Medical treatment and care in 19th-century Bradford: an examination of voluntary, statutory and private medical provision in a 19th-century urban industrial community.
Alvin, Christine, Ph.D. (1998), Bradford
The Russian ultimatum to Iran in 1911: Anglo-Russian rivalry in the 19th and early 20th centuries in Iran, and the emergence of the third power strategy.
Gharavi, Alaedin Vahid, Ph.D. (1998), Bradford
The demand for self-determination in Cyprus in the 1940s: prelude to a deeper crisis.
Leventis, Yiorghos, Ph.D. (1998), Bradford (Featherstone, Kevin; Hiden, John W.)
Violence and politics in Jamaica: an analysis of urban violence in Kingston, 1944-96.
Sives, Amanda, Ph.D. (1998), Bradford
War and responsibility: the Emperor and the war responsibility debate in occupied Japan, 1945-52.
Toyama, Kiyohiko, Ph.D. (1998), Bradford
Iranian military modernization, 1921-79: assessing the interrelationship between the internal politics, the nature of internal and external security environment and the processes of military modernization and expansion.
Chegnizadeh, G., Ph.D. (1997), Bradford
Religion, politics and conflict in northern Nigeria: an historical analysis, with two case studies.
Best, Shedrack G., Ph.D. (1996), Bradford
Protestant churches and the formation of political consciousness in southern Mozambique, 1930-74: the case of the Swiss Mission.
da Cruz e Silva, Teresa M., Ph.D. (1996), Bradford
Great Britain, the Baltic Republics and the Soviet Union, 1939-45.
McManus, Andrew P., M.Phil. (1994), Bradford
Scientific theory, peasant practice & cultural change: interpretation of Lake Cerknica (Slovenia) since the 16th century.
Carmichael, Catherine D., Ph.D. (1993), Bradford (Alcock, J.)