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The organisation and reception of Eastern Bloc exhibitions on the British Cold War 'home front', 'c'.1956-1979.
Clarkson, Verity, Ph.D. (2010), Brighton
Breaking cover: exhibiting early modern British art, 1979-95.
Freeman, Julian D., Ph.D. (2009), Brighton
The cultural politics of heroism in British mountaineering, 1921-95.
Gilchrist, Paul M., Ph.D. (2009), Brighton
Selling modern British design: overseas exhibitions by the Council of Industrial Design, 1949-71.
Lee, Yunah, Ph.D. (2009), Brighton
Representing colonial Korea in print and in visual imagery in England, 1910-39.
Wade, Susan House, Ph.D. (2009), Brighton
Logan's golden age': cricket, politics and empire, South Africa, 1888-1910.
Allen, Dean, Ph.D. (2008), Brighton
Ceramics in Britain and France, 1921-31: economics, marketing and the power of exhibitions.
Hill, Jennifer, Ph.D. (2006), Brighton
Crisis mortality in 18th-century eastern Sussex.
Hellman, Geoffrey, M.Phil. (2005), Brighton
'The garden that I love': middle-class identity, gender and the English domestic garden, 1880-1914.
Brewis, Monica, Ph.D. (2004), Brighton (Maguire, Patrick J.)
A hidden culture: Lan Na court textiles and dress in the 19th century.
Conway, Susan M., Ph.D. (2000), Brighton
The transformation of political consciousness in S.E. England, 1880-1914.
Hopper, Trevor, Ph.D. (1998), Brighton (Maguire, Patrick J. (Paddy))
The evolution of the indoor food market in England, c.1800-1906.
Woodward, Philip J., Ph.D. (1997), Brighton (Maguire, Patrick J. (Paddy))
Policing Victorian Brighton and Hove, 1830-1900, with particular reference to local political control.
Oakensen, Derek J., Ph.D. (1995), Brighton (Wells, R.A.E.; Rule, J.G.)