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Anglo-American relations in South America during the Second World War and post-war economic planning.
Mills, Thomas C., Ph.D. (2009), Brunel (Folly, Martin)
Central Europe: modernism and the modern movement as viewed through the lens of town planning and building, 1895-1939.
Davies, Bernard W., Ph.D. (2008), Brunel
Tradition is the foundation of invention: a critical review of the work of Sir Ambrose Heal (1872-1959), furniture designer, manufacturer and retailer.
Heal, O.S., Ph.D. (2008), Brunel
The Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society and its mission to Germany and Austro-Hungary, 1859-97.
Wright, H., Ph.D. (2006), Brunel
The diaries of Elizabeth Fry.
Bruin, Mary, Ph.D. (2005), Brunel (Burnard, Trevor)
The extent of the application of the conscience clause in National Schools, 1811-70.
Ryden, David, Ph.D. (2001), Brunel
The Neapolitan Camorra: crime and politics in post-war Naples, 1950-92.
Allum, Felia S., Ph.D. (2000), Brunel
African-American domestic servants in Pittsburgh during the Great Depression.
Keeble, Charlotte E., Ph.D. (2000), Brunel
The role of agents, Inspectors and visitors in the development of elementary education, c.1826-c.1870.
Bagworth, Hazel J., Ph.D. (1998), Brunel (York, Brian A.)
The Cuban missile crisis: a study of the positions of the British and American governments.
Barber, Natasha, M.Phil. (1997), Brunel (Matthews, Geoffrey F.)
Berlin, N.A.T.O. and East-West relations: a study of the positions of the British and United States governments, 1945-61.
Bradley, Jason, M.Phil. (1997), Brunel (Matthews, Geoffrey F.)
In the midst of a Protestant people: the development of the Catholic community in Bristol in the 19th century.
Gilbert, P.J., Ph.D. (1996), Brunel
1929: the end of the poor law in Middlesex? A study of the operation and changing role of the Middlesex Public Assistance Committee during the period 1929-38.
Woodfield, Paul, M.A. (1994), Brunel (Burnett, J.)
The difference and complementarity of the liberal-democratic and moral-despotic traditions: a comparison between western and Chinese political ideas.
Chuxuan, Zheng, Ph.D. (1993), Brunel (Goodwin, Barbara L.)
A study of organizational growth and development of optometric practice in the U.K., 1818-1983
Gegg, B.R., Ph.D. (1986), Brunel
The bungalow, 1600-1980: a study of the cultural, social, political and economic factors in the production of a global house-type.
King, A.D., Ph.D. (1982), Brunel
An assessment of the nutritional status of framework knitters in Nottingham and its environs, 1780-1850
Hind, N.H., M.Phil. (1981), Brunel
The economic development of Portugal, 1900-74.
Herbert, D., Ph. D. (1975), Brunel
The development of social legislation for blind or deaf persons in England, 1834-1939.
Lysons, C.K., Ph.D. (1973), Brunel
Technical education and the London County Council, 1918-39: a study in course innovation and development.
Thoms, D.W., Ph.D. (1971), Brunel