Browse theses from Central Lancashire

Ethel Carnie Holdsworth: an intellectual and political biography.
Smalley, Roger, Ph.D. (2006), Central Lancashire
From local hero to national star? The changing cultural representation of the professional footballer in England, 1945-85.
Woolridge, Joyce, Ph.D. (2006), Central Lancashire
Sickness and service: the British Army and the First World War.
Hill, Christine, Ph.D. (2005), Central Lancashire (Paris, Michael; Vernon, Keith)
The provision of education for working-class girls in Lancashire and Cheshire in the early 19th century.
Ireland, Joyce, Ph.D. (2005), Central Lancashire (Vernon, Keith; Webster, Wendy)
Traitor, hero, freedom fighter or fascist? The career of Subhas Chandra Bose, 1933-45.
Wright, Stuart, M.A. (2005), Central Lancashire (Williams, Chris; Constable, Philip J.)
Education and multi-cultural cohesion in Belize, 1931-81.
Hitchen, Peter, Ph.D. (2003), Central Lancashire (Manley, John; Foster, K.)
An experiential investigation of working-class women's perceptions as users, providers and mediators of health care, 1948-79.
Matthews, Julie, M.A. (2003), Central Lancashire (Lubelska, Catherine E.; Webster, Wendy)
Britain, France, the U.S.A. and West German rearmament, 1945-55.
Pastor-Castro, Rogelia, Ph.D. (2003), Central Lancashire (Paris, Michael J.; Thomas, Martin)
British perceptions of Spain in the 1930s and their use in the interpretation of the events of the Spanish Civil War.
Shelmerdine, Brian, Ph.D. (2003), Central Lancashire (Paris, Michael J.; Manley, John)
Labour's attitudes to social reform, 1900-14.
Benson, Dennis, M.Phil. (2002), Central Lancashire (Levitt, Ian; Pratt, Alan)
Educational welfare policy and opportunity for working-class children, 1919-39: a study of Preston and district.
Hughes, David, M.Phil. (2002), Central Lancashire (Levitt, Ian; Kinealy, Christine)
The role of design in the Lancashire cotton industry, 1918-39.
Launert, Frederika, Ph.D. (2002), Central Lancashire (Boydell, Christine E.; Timmins, J. Geoffrey)
Consumer and consumption, 1650-1750: a study of household goods and the middling sort in S. Westmorland and Furness.
McGhie, Linda, M.Phil. (2002), Central Lancashire (Caunce, Stephen; Leach, Peter)
Professional football and its supporters in the North-West of England, 1946-85.
Mellor, Gavin, Ph.D. (2002), Central Lancashire (Russell, David C.; Pope, Rex)
Aspects of agricultural change in south-west Lancashire, c.1650-c.1850.
Gritt, Andrew, PhD (2000), Central Lancashire (Hoyle, Richard W.; Levitt, Ian)
Industrialization in Lancashire, with special reference to the textile industry, 1600-1800.
Hart, Tony, M.Phil. (2000), Central Lancashire (Timmins, J. Geoffrey; Levitt, Ian)
Juvenile delinquency in Lancashire, c.1850-1908: residential care and treatment.
Jolley, Sandra, Ph.D. (2000), Central Lancashire (Levitt, Ian; Vernon, Keith)
'Ladies' football': gender roles and the socialization of women football players in Lancashire, 1917-c.1960.
Melling, Alethea, Ph.D. (2000), Central Lancashire (Walton, John K.; Russell, David C.)
A force to be reckoned with? The temperance movement and the 'drink question', 1895-1933.
Dunn, James C., M.Phil. (1999), Central Lancashire (Vernon, Keith; Russell, David C.)
'A manly training to obedience': Protestant reformatories for boys in Lancashire, c.1854-1908.
Jolly, Sandra, Ph.D. (1999), Central Lancashire (Levitt, Ian; Vernon, Keith)