Browse theses from Central Lancashire

Women and leisure in Manchester, c.1920-c.1960.
Langhamer, Claire, Ph.D. (1997), Central Lancashire (Russell, David C.; Lubelska, Catherine E.)
Central and local influences on public health reform in mid Victorian Liverpool, 1830-75.
McGrath, Thomas, M.Phil. (1997), Central Lancashire (Vernon, Keith; Levitt, Ian)
Public opinion, crime and the police in Preston, c.1815-1914.
Boyle, Christina, M.Phil. (1995), Central Lancashire (Emsley, Clive; Russell, David C.)
A study of the relationship between crime and distress in 17th-century England, with particular reference to the North West.
Johnson, Patricia A., Ph.D. (1995), Central Lancashire (Russell, D.C.; Mullett, M.A.)
Religion in Lancashire, 1603-40.
Webb, Carol, M.Phil. (1994), Central Lancashire (Pope, R.; Mullett, M.A.)