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A cultural history of information in 19th-century England: Victorian perceptions of an idea.
Weller, Toni, Ph.D. (2007), City University
The Society of Housing Managers and women's employment in housing
Brion, M.C., Ph.D. (1989), City University
The social and economic history of The Standard and Fleet Street, 1653-1900
Griffiths, D.M., Ph.D. (1989), City University
The development of the role of the Bank of England as a lender of last resort, 1870-1914
Ogden, E.M., Ph.D. (1988), City University
British press coverage and the role of the Pakistan press from Independence to the emergence of Bangla Desh
Shamsuddin, M., Ph.D. (1986), City University
Newspapers in Mauritius under the French colonial rule, 1773-1810
Benoit, G.M.N., M.Phil. (1982), City University
Public subsidy for the arts in the northern region: the development of a structure for subsidizing the northern region of England, 1945-75
Dougan, D.J., Ph.D. (1982), City University
Grub Street and Academia: the relationship between journalism and education, 1880-1940, with special reference to the London University Diploma for Journalism, 1919-39
Hunter, F.N., Ph.D. (1982), City University
The makeshift settlement: colonial policy in British West Africa
Phillips, A.M., Ph.D. (1982), City University
The Labour party's commonwealth: an analysis of discourses on political community in the 1930s
Knowles, C., Ph.D. (1981), City University
The interaction of financial practices, critical judgement and professional ethics in London West End theatre management, 1843-99.
Pick, J.M., Ph.D. (1980), City University
Demographic developments in Saudi Arabia during the present century.
Kaoud, S.A. El-Hamid, Ph.D. (1979), City University
Economic law in the United Kingdom: its development from 1919 to 1964.
Page, A.C., Ph.D. (1978), City University