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A history of sport in Limerick, 1880-1914.
Bracken, Patrick, Ph.D. (2014), De Montfort (Collins, Tony)
Aspects of sport and social provision in the workplace, c.1880-c.1970: a comparative cross-sector case study
Crewe, Steve, Ph.D. (2014), De Montfort (Porter, Dilwyn)
Migration of age: a study of older people migrating from eastern Europe to the United Kingdom.
McKeon, Judith, Ph.D. (2014), De Montfort (Panayi, Panikos)
Anglo-German football rivalry in English and German newspapers, 1956-96.
Wagner, Christoph, Ph.D. (2014), De Montfort (Porter, Dilwyn)
Ethnicity, community and 'local' football: a historical and sociological study of an African-Caribbean football club in the East Midlands, c.1970-2010.
Campbell, Paul, Ph.D. (2013), De Montfort (Holt, Richard)
Why Donegal slept: the development of Gaelic games in Donegal, 1884-1934.
Curran, Conor, Ph.D. (2013), De Montfort (Taylor, Matthew)
An international comparative history of youth football in France and the U.S., c.1920-2000: the age paradigm and the demarcation of the youth game as a separate sector of the sport.
Marston, Kevin T., Ph.D. (2013), De Montfort (Lanfranchi, Pierre)
The growth of an urban sporting culture - Middlesbrough, c.1870-1914.
Budd, Catherine, Ph.D. (2012), De Montfort (Carter, Neil)
The sports boycott of South Africa in the 1970s: socio-political and diplomatic aspects.
Griffin, Danielle, Ph.D. (2012), De Montfort (Holt, Richard)
Football in South and North Korea, c.1929-2002.
Lee, Jong-Sung, Ph.D. (2012), De Montfort (Porter, Dilwyn)
Asylum seekers in Leicester: local responses.
Mupinga, Euphemia, Ph.D. (2012), De Montfort (Panayi, Panikos)
A comparative study on integration of culturally diverse Zimbabwean and Somali communities in Leicester.
Zembe, Christopher, M.Res. (2012), De Montfort (Panayi, Panikos)
Jews and British sport: ethnicity, integration and anti-Semitism, 'c'.1880-'c'.1960.
Dee, David, Ph.D. (2011), De Montfort (Panayi, Panikos)
The military career of General Sir Henry Brackenbury, 1856-1904: the thinking man's soldier.
Brice, Christopher M., Ph.D. (2010), De Montfort (Mason, Tony)
Hinckley during the First World War.
King, Robert, Ph.D. (2010), De Montfort (Martin, John)
A social history of the British casino industry.
Murphy, Seamus, Ph.D. (2010), De Montfort (Hill, Jeff)
Sport policy in Lebanon, 1975-2004.
Nassif, N., M.Phil. (2009), De Montfort (Hill, Jeff)
Cricket's forgotten past: a social and cultural history of the game in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1820-70.
Light, Robert F., Ph.D. (2008), De Montfort (Holt, Richard)
The age of innocence: a history of the relationship between football authorities and the BBC television service, 1937-82.
Chisari, F., Ph.D. (2007), De Montfort
Atheism and Islam in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan under Soviet rule: Western and Soviet perspectives.
Karim, M.A., M.Phil. (2007), De Montfort