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Wales and the German Democratic Republic: Expressions and perceptions of Welsh identity during the Cold War.
Thomas, Rhian, Ph.D. (2015), Glamorgan (La Porte, Norman; Williams, Gareth)
Minding the medicine and medicalising the mind: investigating the cultural and social history of Cardiff City Mental Hospital, 1908-30.
Beech, Ian, Ph.D. (2011), Glamorgan
'Not just supporting but leading': the involvement of the women of the south Wales coalfield in the 1984-5 miners' strike.
Davies, Rebecca, Ph.D. (2010), Glamorgan (Jones, Timothy; Williams, Gareth)
The evolution of the Teachers' Registration Movement, 1846-2005.
Willis, Richard, Ph.D. (2010), Glamorgan
The London Stock Exchange: a new institutionalist analysis.
Dube, Z.L., Ph.D. (2008), Glamorgan
The south Wales miners, 1964-85.
Curtis, Ben, Ph.D. (2007), Glamorgan
Ernest Zobole and the visual culture of south Wales since 1945.
Thomas, Ceri, Ph.D. (2007), Glamorgan
Rural sports in Wales, c.1750-1900: continuity and change.
Lile, Emma, Ph.D. (2006), Glamorgan
'The noble game is not totally unknown here': rugby football in 19th-century Cardiff.
Prescott, Gwyn, M.Phil. (2006), Glamorgan
Learning, grass roots organisation and social change: reflections on individuals, class and community.
Burge, Alun, M.Phil. (2005), Glamorgan
The New Left Review and voices from the non-anglophone world, 1962-83.
Jones, Steve, M.A. (2005), Glamorgan (Gemie, Sharif; Berger, Stefan)
Pregnancy, childbirth and infant health in Monmouthshire, 1900-39.
King, Janet, Ph.D. (2000), Glamorgan (Adamson, David L.; Smith, D.)
Midwives, infant and maternal health in Monmouthshire, 1900-38.
King, Janet, Ph.D. (2000), Glamorgan (Adamson, David L.; Smith, D.)
A century of adventism in Wales: a history of adventism in Wales and the border counties.
Phillips, Brian P., Ph.D. (1993), Glamorgan (Elias, J.H.; Jones, J.G.)