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The British 'bluesman': Paul Oliver and the nature of transatlantic blues scholarship.
O'Connell, Christian, Ph.D. (2013), Gloucestershire (Wynn, Neil A.; Wilson, Joe)
A study of the origins and development of Great War memorials in the county of Gloucestershire, 1917-33.
Taylor, Robert E.B., M.A. (2012), Gloucestershire (Robertson, Iain J.M.; Wynn, Neil)
Medieval religious guilds: an analysis of the Palmers’ Guild, Ludlow, and the Holy Cross Guild, Stratford-upon-Avon, 'c'.1400-1551.
Bailey, Judy, M.A. (2010), Gloucestershire (Judica, John; Barker, Simon)
Winchcombe: the story of an ancient borough in a period of agrarian and industrial change, 1770-1840.
White, Robert W., M.A. (2009), Gloucestershire (Jurica, John; Robertson, Iain J.M.)
Players and performances in early modern Gloucester, Tewkesbury and Bristol.
Lowe, Sarah E., Ph.D. (2008), Gloucestershire
The journal of Charles Richardson, 1835-8: an edited transcript and commentary.
Griffin, Peter K., M.Phil. (2005), Gloucestershire (More, Charles R.V.; Starr, Rebecca K.)
Cardinal Richelieu: a study in power and patronage.
Haslett, Sarah, M.A. (2005), Gloucestershire (Richards, Penny; Knecht, Robert J.)
Cheltenham: a case study in hospital provision, 1918-48.
Atkinson, Heather E., M.A. (2004), Gloucestershire
Attitudes to poverty and social reform in Cheltenham 1870-99.
Edlin, Ronald T., M.A. (2003), Gloucestershire (Howe, John R.; Starr, Rebecca K.)
Exiled from glory: Anglo-Indian settlement in 19th-century Britain, with special reference to Cheltenham.
Fraser, Stuart J., Ph.D. (2003), Gloucestershire (More, Charles; Bourne, John M.)
Voices raised in Cheltenham: personal and institutional perspectives on St. Mary's College, 1930-70.
Mathie, Ann E., Ph.D. (2002), Gloucestershire (More, Charles R.V.; Fuller, Mary; Ilic, Melanie J.)
Renewing the Anglo-American empire: the emergence of Loyalist mentalité, 1753-83.
Margeson, Ian D., Ph.D. (2001), Gloucestershire (Starr, Rebecca K.; Pole, J. R.)