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The Tenth Cruiser Squadron in the First World War.
Lilley, Terry, Ph.D. (2013), Greenwich
Bringing forward shipping for government service: the indispensable role of the Transport Service, 1793-1815.
Sutcliffe, Robert K., Ph.D. (2013), Greenwich (Knight, Roger J.B.; Palmer, Sarah R.)
The Royal Navy in the French Wars, 1689-1815.
Ware, Christopher, Ph.D. (2013), Greenwich
Operations of the 10th Cruiser Squadron, 1914-17: a challenge for the Navy and its reserves.
Lilley, Terence, Ph.D. (2012), Greenwich (Knight, Roger J. B.; Palmer, Sarah R.)
The commercial and technical evolution of the ferry industry, 1948-87.
Moses, William, Ph.D. (2011), Greenwich (Palmer, Sarah R.; Couper, Alastair)
Women naval dockyard workers in two 19th-century dockyard towns: Chatham and Plymouth.
Ryan, Joan A., M.Phil. (2011), Greenwich (Palmer, Sarah R.; Knight, Roger J.B.)
The Royal Navy and economic warfare in North America, 1812-15.
Arthur, Brian, Ph.D. (2009), Greenwich (Knight, Roger J. B.; Palmer, Sarah R.)
War, naval logistics and the British state: supplying the Baltic fleet, 1808-12.
Davey, James, Ph.D. (2009), Greenwich (Knight, Roger J.B.)
Constructing communities: living and working in the Royal Navy, 1825-33.
Preston, Virginia, Ph.D. (2009), Greenwich (Knight, Roger; Palmer, Sarah R.)
The maritime economy of north-west England in the later 18th century.
Skidmore, Peter J., Ph.D. (2009), Greenwich (Longmore, Jane; Palmer, Sarah R.)
The General Steam Navigation Company, c.1850-1913: a business history.
Forrester, Robert, Ph.D. (2007), Greenwich
'So barbarous a practice': Cornish wrecking, c.1700-1860, and its survival as a popular myth.
Pearce, Cathryn, Ph.D. (2007), Greenwich
The development of the royal arsenal and its local impact.
Baigent, Peter, M.A. (2003), Greenwich (Dunne, John)
Cranbrook, Kent, and its neighbourhood area, c.1550-1670.
Flisher, Lorraine, Ph.D. (2003), Greenwich (Zell, Michael)
In the shadow of war: continuities and discontinuities in the construction of the masculine identities of British soldiers, 1914-24.
Millman, Margaret, Ph.D. (2003), Greenwich (John, Angela V.; Duke, Francis)
Making women magistrates: feminism, citizenship and justice in England and Wales, 1918-50.
Logan, Anne, Ph.D. (2002), Greenwich (John, Angela V.; Ryan, Mick)
Anti-parliamentary passage: South Wales and the internationalism of Sam Mainwaring (1841-1907).
John, Kenneth B., Ph.D. (2001), Greenwich
Gender, crime and the local courts in Kent, c.1460-1560.
Jones, Karen M., Ph.D. (2001), Greenwich
The office of coroner, 1860-1926: resistance, reluctance and reform.
Prichard, Donald, Ph.D. (2001), Greenwich
Public and private perceptions of learning disabilities in Britain, 1780-1880.
Dickinson, Hilary, Ph.D. (2000), Greenwich (John, Angela V.; Garner, L.)