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Combating heretics in civil war and interregnum England, 1642-57: parliamentarian responses to heresy.
Wood, Bethany, Ph.D. (2014), Keele (Hughes, Ann; Atherton, Ian)
Malaysia and the Commonwealth: the Mahathir era, 1981-2013.
Osman, Nazariah Binti, Ph.D. (2013), Keele (Lloyd, Lorna; Parr, Helen)
The policing of petty crime in Victorian Cumbria.
Woolnough, Guy, Ph.D. (2013), Keele (Wells, Helen; Godfrey, Barry)
Constructing criminals: the creation of identity within criminal mafias.
Barksby, Kelly, Ph.D. (2012), Keele (Maxwell, David J.P.; Gökay, Bülent)
Malawians in colonial Salisbury: a social history of migration in central Africa, c.1920s-1960s.
Groves, Zoe, Ph.D. (2012), Keele (Maxwell, David; Sharma, Shalini)
Royalists and royalism in the press, 1642-9.
Jones, Paul, Ph.D. (2012), Keele (Atherton, Ian; Hughes, Ann)
Christianity, colonialism and custom from the Congo Free State to the Belgian Congo: a history of Kongolo, Katanga, 1885-1960.
Loffman, Reuben, Ph.D. (2012), Keele (Maxwell, David J.P.; Dieckmann, Christoph)
Single, white and southern: slaveholding women in the 19th-century American South, 1830-70.
Molloy, Marie, Ph.D. (2012), Keele (Crawford, Martin S.; Hunt, Karen)
Bandidos, buccaneers, ballads and the border.
Powner, Leslie, Ph.D. (2012), Keele (Mills, Stephen F.; Schaefer, Axel R.)
Lichfield and the lands of St. Chad (in collaboration with Lichfield cathedral).
Sargent, Andrew, Ph.D. (2012), Keele (Morgan, Philip; Tringham, Nigel)
Malaysian economic development and the emergence of environmental foreign policy, 1874-1982.
Ismail, Rosalina, Ph.D. (2011), Keele
Gender and class: a study of political activism in the North-West Labour Women's Organisation and Militant in the 1970s and 1980s.
Creear, Margaret, Ph.D. (2010), Keele (Hunt, Karen; Parr, Helen)
Cultural identity in the Carolingian and Ottonian worlds.
Joseph, Nicholas, Ph.D. (2010), Keele (Cushing, Kathleen G.; Hughes, Ann L.)
The formation and use of 'Romanitas' in a Saxon empire: Ottonian solutions to the challenges of rule in early medieval Europe.
Joseph, Nicholas, Ph.D. (2010), Keele
A small, vital flame': anti-war women’s networks in Manchester, 1914-18.
Ronan, Alison, Ph.D. (2010), Keele (Hunt, Karen; Townshend, Charles)
Peter Damian (c.1007-1072), monastic ideology and the religious revolution of the 11th century.
Bannister, Emily A., Ph.D. (2009), Keele (Cushing, Kathleen G.; Morgan, Philip J.)
Parian figures and Victorian popular culture: a case study in the materialisation of social values.
Chater, Samuel, M.Phil. (2009), Keele
Propaganda in the making of the Congo Free State (1890-1910).
Coudert, Melanie, M.Phil. (2009), Keele (Maxwell, David J.P.; Crook, Malcolm H.)
The life and times of Thomas, Lord Paget, a Staffordshire Elizabethan recusant lord.
Thurkettle, David, Ph.D. (2009), Keele (Harrison, Christopher J.; Atherton, Ian J.)
Offending women in Stafford, 1880-1905: punishment, reform and re-integration.
Turner, Joanne S., Ph.D. (2009), Keele