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The Social Experience of Bachelorhood in Late-Georgian England, c. 1760-1830.
Metcalfe, Helen, Ph.D. (2017), Manchester (Barker, Hannah; Gladfelder, Hal)
The Moors Murders: The Media, Cultural Representations of Ian Brady, Myra Hindley, and the English Landscape, c. 1965-1967.
Field, Ian, Ph.D. (2016), Manchester (Jones, Max; Mort, Frank)
Displacement and emplacement of I.D.P.s (internally displaced persons) in Colombia.
Celestina, Mateja, Ph.D. (2014), Manchester (Gatrell, Peter; Peterson, Jen)
Poverty, charity and memory in post-war Manchester: the work and operation of the Wood Street Mission, 1945-90.
Crosher, Mark, Ph.D. (2014), Manchester (Carden-Coyne, Ana; Kirby, Peter)
Carolina crucible: class, community and loyalty in the South Carolina upcountry, 1860-5.
Doyle, Patrick, Ph.D. (2014), Manchester (Zacek, Natalie; Brown, David)
British intellectuals in the age of total and nuclear warfare.
Glass, Victoria, Ph.D. (2014), Manchester (Geiger, Till; Jones, Stuart; Ramos Pinto, Pedro)
Provincial urban modernity and place-making in Britain, 1930-55.
Greenhalgh, James, Ph.D. (2014), Manchester (Jerram, Leif; Wildman, Charlotte)
Fantasies of state power: French banlieues and the boundaries of modernity, 1955-73.
Hensman, Ravi, Ph.D. (2014), Manchester (Jerram, Leif; Taithe, Bertrand)
Anti-malaria policy in Nigeria.
Ojimiwe, Obi, Ph.D. (2014), Manchester (Pierce, Steven; Redmond, Anthony)
Martial arts fiction in the republican era.
van Malssen, Hubert, Ph.D. (2014), Manchester (Zheng, Yangwen)
Soundscapes from the city: music, street performance and urban space in Manchester and the Ruhrgebiet, 1850-1914.
Walraven, Maarten, Ph.D. (2014), Manchester (Jerram, Leif; Strange, Julie-Marie)
History and memory of fighting floods in Hankou.
Courtney, Christopher, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Zheng, Yangwen)
‘Better farming, better business, better living’: the Irish co-operative movement and the construction of the Irish nation-state, 1894-1932.
Doyle, Patrick, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Geiger, Till; Ramos Pinto, Pedro)
The Royal Society: the cultural politics of science in Cold War Britain.
Goodacre, Jenny, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Worboys, Michael)
Counter memories of the coup: British solidarity with Chile, 1973-98.
Hirsch, Shirin, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Brown, Laurence; Morgan, Kevin)
British humanitarianism in the Russian mirror, late 19th century to 1923.
Kelly, Luke, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Gatrell, Peter; Taithe, Bertrand)
Pamphlets and politics: the British Liberal Party and the 'working man', c.1867-c.1925.
Perduniak, Michael, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Jones, Stuart; Wildman, Charlotte)
The idea of race in inter-war Britain: religion, entertainment and childhood experiences.
Rajabi, Helen, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Summerfield, Penny; Wildman, Charlotte)
The international possibilities of insurgency and statehood in Africa: the U.P.C. and Cameroon, 1948-71.
Sharp, Thomas, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Taithe, Bertrand; Pierce, Steven)
A disease and its device: the introduction of dialysis for acute renal failure, with particular reference to Leeds, UK, c.1945-c.2000.
Turney, John, Ph.D. (2013), Manchester (Pickstone, John V.)