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A history of gas engines, 1791-1900.
Barlow, K.A., Ph.D. (1979), Manchester (UMIST)
The influence of the Continent upon the development of higher education and research in chemistry in Great Britain during the latter half of the 19th century.
Clark, B.N., Ph.D. (1979), Manchester (UMIST) (Cardwell, D.S.L.)
Humphrey Lloyd (1800-81) and the Dublin mathematical school of the 19th century.
O'Hara, J.G., Ph.D. (1979), Manchester (UMIST) (Cardwell, D.S.L.)
Innovation in water supply technology with reference to Manchester, 1835-75.
Cohen, P.M., M.Sc. (1977), Manchester (UMIST) (Farrar, K.R.)
Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Institute: foundation and development, 1892-1962.
Macdonald, Teresa P., M.Sc. (1977), Manchester (UMIST)
The union theory and practice in the Italian Renaissance and its significance for the birth of modern science.
Brown, D.H., M.Sc. (1976), Manchester (UMIST) (Gibbons, M.)
Studies of organ building in London and Manchester, c.1745-1845.
Sayer, M., M.Sc. (1974), Manchester (UMIST)
Studies in medieval arms and armour.
Williams, A.R., Ph. D. (1974), Manchester (UMIST)
John Ferriar, M.D., of Manchester: his life and work.
Walker, Jane E.M., M.Sc. (1973), Manchester (UMIST)
The Aire and Calder Navigation in the Industrial Revolution.
Slatcher, W.N., Ph.D. (1972), Manchester (UMIST)
Studies in the history of gunpowder in the middle ages.
Williams, A.R., M.Sc. (1972), Manchester (UMIST)
Fairbairns of Manchester: the history of an engineering works in the 19thcentury.
Hayward, R.A., M.Sc. (1971), Manchester (UMIST)