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The rise and fall of Macedonian military might.
Lopez, Julian, M.Litt. (1997), Newcastle
Economy, society and government in 17th-century Hexham.
Rossiter, Anna F., M.Litt. (1997), Newcastle (Boulton, Jeremy P.)
The Stanegate: a frontier system in northern Britain, c.90-122.
Stobbs, Graeme C., M.Litt. (1997), Newcastle
Black-oriented radio and the campaign for civil rights in the United States, 1945-75.
Walsh, Stephen, Ph.D. (1997), Newcastle (Ward, Brian E.)
The impact of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation on the literature of witchcraft in early modern Europe.
Watson, Lisa, Ph.D. (1997), Newcastle (Cameron, Euan K.)
The provision of practical dental treatment in England from the 14th to the mid 18th century.
Hargreaves, Anne S., Ph.D. (1996), Newcastle (Derry, John W.)
The influence of foreign aid on Jordan's foreign policy, 1921-70.
Mubaideen, M.A., Ph.D. (1996), Newcastle
The political career of Walter Runciman, 1st Viscount Runciman of Doxford (1870-1949).
Wallace, Jonathan C., Ph.D. (1995), Newcastle (Pugh, M.D.)
The function of Roman frontier installations: a comparative study.
Hodgson, Nicholas R., Ph.D. (1994), Newcastle (Daniels, C.M.)
The logistics and organization of English crusade expeditions in the 12th and 13th centuries.
Kaner, Ralph A., M.Litt. (1993), Newcastle (Lloyd, S.D.)
The brewing trade in N.E. England, 1869-1939.
Bennison, Brian R., Ph.D. (1992), Newcastle
The social structure of the Roman city in Italy (100 B.C. to A.D. 300): the logic of space.
Laurence, Ray M., Ph.D. (1992), Newcastle
The fishing industry of Northumberland and Durham, 1780-1914.
Muirhead, George, Ph.D. (1992), Newcastle
Upland farming in Northumberland, 1850-1914.
Roberts, Ian E., Ph.D. (1992), Newcastle
Soldiers and tribesmen: the Roman army and tribal society in late imperial Africa.
Rushworth, Alan, Ph.D. (1992), Newcastle (Daniels, C.M.)
Flavian Scotland: a comparative view.
Southern, Patricia, M.Phil. (1992), Newcastle (Daniels, C.M.)
The first kingdom of Burgundy: the history and archaeology of a successor state in south-eastern France and western Switzerland.
Boyson, David B., Ph.D. (1991), Newcastle (Greene, K.)
The links between public art and politics/propaganda in 5th-century Athens: art and the political in the Athenian agora.
Parkin, A.R., M.Litt. (1991), Newcastle
Aspect of the Roman villa as a form of British settlement.
Scott, Eleanor, Ph.D. (1991), Newcastle (Smith, D.J.)
Settlement and society in late Roman and early medieval Tripolitania
Sjostrom, Isabella Y., M.Litt. (1990), Newcastle (Johns, J.)