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M.I.9 and escape and evasion mapping, 1939-45.
Bond, Barbara, Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Bennett, Harry; Brayshay, Mark; Jefferys, Kevin)
German-German sporting relations with particular reference to the Olympic Games, 1948-72.
Raeke, Bernd, Ph.D. (2014), Plymouth (Jefferys, Kevin; Barkhof, Sandra)
Authority and crime, 1835-60: a comparison between Exmouth and Torquay.
Bryon, Jacqueline, Ph.D. (2013), Plymouth (Jefferys, Kevin; Williams, Richard)
Networks, news and communication: political elites and community relations in Elizabethan Devon, 1588-1603.
Cooper, Ian, Ph.D. (2013), Plymouth (Daybell, James; Brayshay, Mark; Draisey, John)
Networks of print, patronage and religion in England and Scotland, 1580-1604: the career of Robert Waldegrave.
Emmett, Rebecca, Ph.D. (2013), Plymouth (Tingle, Elizabeth; Hinds, Peter; Moore, Dafydd)
Late medieval roof bosses in the churches of Devon.
Andrew, Susan, Ph.D. (2011), Plymouth
Beset by secrecy and beleaguered by rivals: the Special Operations Executive and military operations in western Europe, 1940-2, with special reference to Operation Frankton.
Keene, Thomas E., Ph.D. (2011), Plymouth
A narrative in relief: the historiography of English modern painting (1910-15), from the 1910s to the 1950s.
Brand, Carol F., Ph.D. (2010), Plymouth
The Brynmawr experiment, 1928-40: Quaker values and Arts and Crafts principles.
Manasseh, Pamela, Ph.D. (2009), Plymouth
William Andrews Nesfield (1794-1881): artist and landscape gardener.
Evans, Shirley R., Ph.D. (2007), Plymouth
The Navy as the ultimate guarantor of freedom in 1940?
Cumming, Anthony J., Ph.D. (2006), Plymouth
Church monuments of Devon and Cornwall, c.1660-c.1730.
Easter, Clive J., Ph.D. (2006), Plymouth
The Carhampton magistrate district in relation to the 1856 County and Borough Police Act: a case for non-statutory policing.
Setterington, Janet S., Ph.D. (2005), Plymouth
The later political career of R.A. Butler, 1951-64.
Patch, Nicholas A., Ph.D. (1998), Plymouth
Hugh Gaitskell, the Labour party and foreign affairs, 1955-63.
Rippingale, Simon, Ph.D. (1996), Plymouth
A garden in her cups: botanical medicines of the Anglo-American home, c.1580-1800.
Gushurst-Moore, Bruna, Ph.D. (1970), Plymouth (Daybell, James; Jefferys, Kevin)