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I.K. Brunel and William Gravatt, 1826-41: their professional and personal relationship.
Greenfield, David J., Ph.D. (2011), Portsmouth
Finance, marriage and the land: a comparative analysis of three estates in southern England, 1642-1850.
James, Linda P., Ph.D. (2011), Portsmouth
Above all a patient should never be terrified: an examination of mental health care and treatment in Hampshire, 1845-1914.
Carpenter, Diane, Ph.D. (2010), Portsmouth (Thomas, James)
Political choices and national identity' at the eastern borders of Italy from the Resistance to the Cold War.
Cernigoi, Enrico, Ph.D. (2009), Portsmouth
Working-class taste in 1930s Britain: a comparative study of popular film and literature.
James, Robert, Ph.D. (2008), Portsmouth (Harper, Sue)
Administering Europe: community officials and the bureaucratic integration of Europe (1952-67).
Seidel, Katja, Ph.D. (2008), Portsmouth
Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy, a biography
Wright, Maureen, Ph.D. (2008), Portsmouth (Purvis, June)
'The business of engineers': the organisation and education of military engineers during the 18th century.
Phillipson, Andrew, Ph.D. (2007), Portsmouth (Thomas, James)
Empire and Home Rule: the Irish in Portsmouth, c.1880-1923.
Crown, Gerry Daly, Ph.D. (2006), Portsmouth
Space, civic pride, citizenship and identity in 1890s Portsmouth.
Fulder, Vivienne, Ph.D. (2006), Portsmouth
Modern living? Domestic advice literature and design discourse in post-war Britain.
Lees-Maffei, Grace, Ph.D. (2005), Portsmouth
From testimony to the culture industry: representations of the Holocaust in popular culture.
Marshman, Sophia F., Ph.D. (2005), Portsmouth
Buying votes: purchasable propaganda in the 20th-century women’s suffrage movement.
Mercer, John, Ph.D. (2005), Portsmouth
'Far from moderate': an account and appraisal of some aspects of the human involvement with the natural environment of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.
Palmer, Stephen, Ph.D. (2004), Portsmouth
Some aspects of Roman Catholic service in the land forces of the British Crown, c.1750-c.1820.
Fontana, Velmo J.L., Ph.D. (2002), Portsmouth (Thomas, James H.)
'In the newest manner': the economy and society of Devizes, Wiltshire, 1760-1820.
Haycock, Lorna, Ph.D. (2002), Portsmouth (Thomas, James H.)
The impact of the rundown and privatization of Portsmouth royal dockyard since 1945.
Pritchard, Gordon, Ph.D. (2002), Portsmouth (Lunn, Kenneth J.)
A socio-historical study of the British Federation of University Women, 1930-57.
Golby, Alison, Ph.D. (1999), Portsmouth (Purvis, June; Lunn, Kenneth J.)
Who cared? A study of the provision of nursing care and welfare for sick and wounded soldiers and their families during the civil wars and Interregnum, 1642-60.
Gruber von Arni, Eric E., Ph.D. (1999), Portsmouth (Thomas, James H.)
'Flame and burnt offering': a life of Constance Lytton, 1869-1923.
Myall, Michelle, Ph.D. (1999), Portsmouth (Purvis, June)