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Elementary education in Berkshire, 1850-1950.
Clifford, Sue, Ph.D. (2014), Reading (Burchardt, Jeremy F.S.)
Italian anti-fascism and the Spanish Civil War.
Cogni, Manuele, Ph.D. (2014), Reading (Duggan, Christopher J.H.)
Angels and the book: an analysis of 'angelic' devotional material from a sample of 15th-century manuscript Books of Hours.
Sarson, Delia, Ph.D. (2014), Reading (Lawrence, Anne E.; Knight, Gill)
I modelli agiografici femminili nella politica delle canonizzazioni di Giovanni Paolo II, 1978-2005.
Ciciliot, Valentina, Ph.D. (2013), Reading (Duggan, Christopher J.H.)
'At the gates of civilization': southern children in Turin primary schools, 1950s-70s.
De Michele, Grazia, Ph.D. (2013), Reading (Duggan, Christopher J.H.)
The experience of the British army in Italy in World War I.
Dillon, John, Ph.D. (2013), Reading (Bosworth, Richard; Duggan, Christopher J.H.)
The influence of warfare in the prince-bishopric of Liège during the war of the League of Augsburg, 1688-97
Goorts, Roeland, Ph.D. (2013), Reading (Tallett, Frank; Trim, David)
War, state and society in the prince-bishopric of Liège during the Nine Years' War, 1688-97.
Goorts, Roeland, Ph.D. (2013), Reading (Tallett, Frank; Trim, David)
British politics in the Edwardian era: a comparative study of the 1906 general election.
Parry, Jason, Ph.D. (2013), Reading (Worley, Matthew)
L'Atelier del mondo: L'Internazionale socialista e l'Europa nel pensiero dei socialisti italiani e francesi, 1945-57.
Pugliese, Enrico, Ph.D. (2013), Reading (Duggan, Christopher J.H.)
Using Vesalius: strategies for the presentation and sharing of anatomical knowledge gained through dissection in the Renaissance.
Robson, Laura, Ph.D. (2013), Reading (King, Helen; Aston, Emma)
'Tommy Atkins' wrath: British military wrongdoing in Palestine, Malaya, Cyprus and Aden, 1945-67.
Standley, Charles, Ph.D. (2013), Reading (Major, Patrick)
Keeping time: the Anglo-Saxon experience of time, c. A.D. 700-1066.
Tarassenko, Anne, Ph.D. (2013), Reading (Lawrence, Anne E.; Knight, Gill)
The cultural memory of the Second World War: D-Day veterans and commemoration in Britain.
Tinker, Gregory J., Ph.D. (2013), Reading (Footitt, Hillary)
Joining Europe: the British Labour Party, Danish Social Democrats and European integration, 1958-72.
Broad, Matthew, Ph.D. (2012), Reading (Risso, Linda; Worley, Matthew)
'They didn't want to die virgins': sex and the soldier on the Western Front.
Cherry, D. Bruce, Ph.D. (2012), Reading (Worley, Matthew; Hoyle, Richard W.)
Gladstone, Gordon and Sudan, 1883-5: how British policy created a Victorian icon.
Nicoll, Fergus, Ph.D. (2012), Reading (Stack, David)
Narrating unity? Italia 61: commemorating a century of Italian unification in Turin and Philadelphia.
Owen, Samantha, Ph.D. (2012), Reading (Bosworth, Richard)
Studies in the materiality and socialisation of Haimonian lekythoi.
Volioti, Katerina, Ph.D. (2012), Reading (Smith, Amy; Aston, Emma)
Agents of transmission: Egyptian priests and traditional ritual knowledge.
West, Nicholas, Ph.D. (2012), Reading (Rutherford, Ian C.; Vasunia, Phiroze)