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Stereotypes and heroines: women on the London stage in British and European drama in 1914.
Stam, Christine, Ph.D. (2009), Surrey
Nationalism and schooling in Piedmont, Italy, 1700-1900.
Chilosi, David, Ph.D. (2005), Surrey
Dealing with democrats :decision making and policy formation within the British Foreign Office's Central Department with regard to the Czechoslovak political exiles in Britain and the Czechoslovak question, 1939-45.
Brown, Martin D., Ph.D. (2003), Surrey (Dowling, Maria J.C.)
'Right behind Mr. Redmond': Nationalism and the Irish Party in provincial Ireland, 1910-14.
Wheatley, Michael, Ph.D. (2003), Surrey (Fulton, John; Longmore, Jane)
Representations of the Second World War: ideological currents in French history-writing under the Fourth Republic.
Frey, Hugo J., Ph.D. (1998), Surrey
The Labour party and Northern Ireland, 1979-97.
O'Donnell, Martin, Ph.D. (1998), Surrey (O'Hara, James)
Whitelands College, John Ruskin and the education of women, 1850-1900.
Cocker, Helen L., M.Phil. (1997), Surrey
Child sexual abuse and the law: London, 1870-1914.
Jackson, Louise A., Ph.D. (1997), Surrey (Arnot, Margaret L.)
Labour's response to the affluent society: domestic policy, 1955-64.
Donnelly, Mark, Ph.D. (1995), Surrey (Longmore, Jane)
Von Seeckt, 1920-6: a study of military management.
Okami, J., Ph.D. (1988), Surrey
The Soviet theory of international relations, 1917-82.
Light, Margot M., Ph.D. (1986), Surrey
A community at war: the Irish in Britain and the war of independence
Maguire, M.G.P., Ph.D. (1985), Surrey
The history of infant feeding, 1500-1800
Fildes, V.A., Ph.D. (1982), Surrey
The treatment of the poor in Surrey under the operation of the new poor law, 1834-71.
Gibson, M., Ph.D. (1978), Surrey
Education of adult male prisoners in local prisons in the 19th century.
Bayne, J.C., M.Phil. (1977), Surrey
The significance of the development of Bournemouth, c.1840-1940.
Soane, J.V.N., Ph.D. (1977), Surrey
Politics and electoral behaviour in Guilford and W. Surrey, 1790-1886.
Sykes, R., Ph. D. (1977), Surrey
East Indian immigration into Canada, 1905-73.
Bhatti, F.M., Ph.D. (1974), Surrey
The development of the Iranian oil industry, 1901-71.
Fesharaki, F., Ph.D. (1974), Surrey