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Richmondshire, 1372-1425.
Devine, Melaine J., Ph.D. (2006), Teesside
The shaping of political allegiances: class, gender, nation and locality in county Durham, 1918-45.
Lynn, Pauline, Ph.D. (1999), Teesside (Lewis, Richard; Ford, Graham)
The economy, housing and health in West Hartlepool, 1919-39.
Wilson, Robert A., M.Phil. (1999), Teesside (Byrne, D.; Taylor, David)
Partnership and power: the organization of gender roles in the E. Cleveland ironstone mining communities, 1918-64.
Williamson, Margaret, Ph.D. (1998), Teesside (Nicholson, Anthony (Tony); Lewis, Richard)
Britain and the problem of international disarmament, 1919-34.
Kitching, Carolyn J., Ph.D. (1996), Teesside (Richardson, Richard C.; Dilks, David N.)
The rehabilitation and employment of disabled ex-servicemen after two World Wars.
Elsey, Ena, Ph.D. (1995), Teesside (Pollard, A.J.; Fowles, A.J.; Taylor, D.)
William Kelly: `born for the universe'.
Taylor, Malcolm L., M.Phil. (1993), Teesside (Hempstead, C.A.; Moore, J.A.)